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They are not just Dogs they are family !

All of our dogs and puppies are IOEBA Registerd. For mor info on IOEBA please click the link above.

   How we raise

What makes us different? We love our dogs before we think about money. We respect them and we spoil them. In the winter they are warm and in the summer they are cool. We raise our dogs and pups as if they are one in our family. Some say we do to much we say we do exactly what they need. When you get a puppy from us your are getting quality healthy puppies that have been loved since before they are born.   We are not a puppy mill nor mass production breeder. We breed for good temperment , extream bully looks and for family devotion. Our Puppies are of the highest quality so we do not sell cheap immitation Olde English Bulldogges but we will make sure you can purchase one. Our dogs and puppies are very well socialized growing and getting love and attention from me and my husband and our  children. They are very playful and so loving. We only feed our dogs A high quality product. That has proven to be excellent for this breed of dog. As a breeder I am proud to say that thanks to this food i feed my dogs I have super healthy adults and puppies. Mommies milk production is great and baby's grow exceptionally well. We recommend feeding your baby the same food when she or he goes home , so we provide you with the first bag (does not apply to trades) and provide information for your local seller. It is part of my contract that if you feed your new puppy anything other than what I provide them , I am not nor is my Kennel responsible for any sickness that may come uppon them due to the food you feed them . The food is no grain and very high in protein and other nutrients that work for this breed. You might have to pay a little more than other people but you will see the difference in your dog. Our Prices are dependant on color and prices start at $1,000 and can go as high as $4,500. We do have a layaway plan and financing is offered with paypal.  We advise before buying an Olde English Bulldogge that you do as we did research the breed . You will find that they have no health probelms like the English Bulldog. They have natural conception and natural birth. The olde English Bulldogges do not require artificial insemination nor c-section. We will provide one year health Guarantee that will be explained in detail on the contract. Puppies will have vet records , vaccines and tails docked, dew claws removed. We Prefer to have our puppies picked up so we can meet their new family. Shipping is available also if you live  far.  Dont be intimidated by the look of a Olde English Bulldogge they are very loving and caring and get along great with kids. They are little sweethearts . Once you decided you want to purchase a puppy from River Bend Bulldogges LLC. you can place a deposit to hold your baby until he or she is ready to go home. Deposit is $300.00 non-refundable if you decide that you changed your mind and dont want the pup anymore. There are circumstances and reasons that we will give you the chance to use the deposit towards another litter. If you buy a puppy before 8 weeks we will send emails with updated pictures of your little one. We require that all of our puppies leave here microchip so we provide the service at a resonable price ,most likley cheaper than your vet consult your vet for their prices(does not apply for trades). Our Fee is $50.00 and it includes the registration fee all you have to do is make sure you register them under your name.

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© 2014 River Bend Bulldogges  created by Christina Griffith

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